#TechTuesday| Periscope Now Available For Android Users

One of the newest sensations to hit the app world has finally been released on Google’s Android platform. Periscope, which was first released on iOS two months ago, lets you broadcast live video to the world from your mobile deice.

The biggest difference between the iOS and Android versions is the way you begin your broadcast. On iOS its the central button but on the Android version it’s a big red button that appears on the broadcast screen. Also on the Android version, users will be able to resume where they left off if they are watching someone else’s broadcast and get interrupted.

Another cool perk for Androdians that I hope will be available for us Iphone users is the ability to save broadcasts for replay without having to upload the entire file which will save time and mobile data by catching it on Periscope’s servers as it is being sent live.

The app supports KitKat 4.4 and later. For more information and to download on your Android smartphone visit the Google Play Store

Photo credit: Periscope 

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