REVIEW: The 2014 Chevrolet Impala

Last week I had the opportunity to test drive the 2014 Chevrolet Impala for 7 days and I had so much fun driving it! Before I go into further details about my experience, let me disclose that the car was provided to me from Chevy by winning the #ChevyUrbanStyle contest at the Vanessa James Media Mixology event in Miami, FL in July.

Click the link to read more about the 2013 #VJMediamixology

I couldn’t wait to play with the different features immediately after the car was delivered, especially the touch screen dashboard. The interactive menu includes options like pairing your Bluetooth device so you could listen to music from your phone instead of having to connect it with a cord. And since my Iphone was paired, my phonebook including recent calls was accessible on the Impala’s dashboard allowing me to make hands-free phone calls. Another menu feature is Pandora Radio. This really excited me because I listen to Pandora more than the local radio. I had a little trouble at first connecting it but then I learned that I needed to connect my phone via usb cable in order to listen to my Pandora stations, which was great because I was able to charge my phone at the same time without using a separate car charger. The dashboard also includes an interactive map with GPS that
gave me turn-by-turn directions when I requested it from On Star. And speaking of On Star, I LOVE THE SERVICE. Every vehicle should be equipped with it. I pressed the blue On-Star button to request directions to a restaurant in South Beach and within seconds the talking GPS was accurate with the directions. On Star has a number of features but I really didn’t get a chance to play around with it.

I have to be honest here. I’ve ben driving for many years and I still don’t know how to parallel park.

Sad, right?

Well thanks to the 2014 Chevy Impala’s camera feature I was able to do all the parallel parking that I could do, especially on South Beach. When you have the car in reverse the camera gives you a clear visual on whats exactly behind you. While in reverse mode the camera gives you a warning signal and sound that beeps when you’re too close to an object. First comes the yellow caution signal then the red warning signal. How cool is that?!!!

My overall driving experience with the 2014 Chevrolet Impala was amazing. I truly felt safe driving this car! You can check out more interesting stuff about the Impala that will wow you by visiting The 2014 Chevrolet Impala was a major head turner and I would recommend it to anyone looking to purchase a new car.

Thanks to the folks at General Motors for this #ChevyUrbanStyle experience!

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