Last week my children enjoyed their Spring Break at Swim Camp where they were given swim lessons for the entire week. Although spending seven days in a swimming for several hours was lots of fun for them, I knew the week long exposure to chlorine would irritate their sensitive skin. 
A couple of months ago, I was sent a sample of Swim Spray to review and this was the perfect time to try it out. I gave the bottle to my kids camp instructors and provided them directions on how to use it and to also give me feedback everyday. So once the kids were finished with their lessons, the camp instructor had them to rinse the chlorine off and then she sprayed each of my kids with the spray directly on their skin and hair. The instructions says to rinse or shampoo Swim Spray right after spreading all over the body but because the kids were in swim camp, they weren’t able to shower until a couple of hours afterwards. I thought that not being able to immediately shower with the product still on their skin would irritate them but it still left my kids with smooth skin and soft hair especially since my twin girls have natural long hair. AND they didn’t smell like chlorine when I picked them up which was a bonus. 
After using this product for a week I still wanted to know why it worked so well. Swim Spray is 100% NATURAL with only 2 ingredients: Water and several forms of Vitamin C. I’m really pleased that this product doesnt have a list of added ingredients that I can’t pronounce. 
I highly recommend purchasing Swim Spray especially since the summer is approaching. For more information visit 
Disclosure: I received a free bottle of Swim Spray in exchange for writing a review on The Buzz Connect. Although I received it for free, ALL opinions are my own. 

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