{Photos and Videos} Travel Review: Nickelodeon Suites Resort in Orlando, FL

Every year I plan a vacation or a weekend getaway for my family and this year I decided to visit Orlando, FL. I chose Orlando not only because its a 3 1/2 hour drive from Miami which cuts transportation expenses, but its also a city full of attractions for big families on a budget. Since our three children, ages 10 and 5 (twins), are not fans of amusement park type rides we didnt want to waste money just walking around and eating (which is another HUGE expense). So I decided to do a weekend getaway at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort. 
As we arrived at the Nickelodeon Suites Resort the kids were so big eyed at just the outside of the hotel. Our first check-in was at the security gate before getting to the guest parking lot. The little things like “Hello Cherry Family, enjoy your stay with us” from the security guard made me very happy. As we checked in at the front desk we didnt have to wait long for a representative. Check in time is at 4pm but we arrived a little early and we were still able to get our room without having to wait till it actually turned 4 o’clock. It was my son’s 10th birthday weekend so the front desk rep. gave him a birthday pin and announced his birthday over the intercom. He felt so special! 
She also upgraded our room to the top floor, poolside view. I was extremely happy for that because it allowed me to take great photos of the water park from the balcony. We then proceeded to guest services so they could give us information about the weekends activities for the children and to make reservations for the numerous character shows they offer. I was also offered $100 in Nickelodeon money if we agreed to attend a 90 minute presentation at a local nearby hotel. I’m not really interested in purchasing time share properties but $100 to spend in Nickelodeon Resort’s restaurants and gift shop helped a lot with our weekend’s budget. 
As soon as I opened our room door the kids were like jumping beans! They were so excited to be in the Sponge Bob themed room. We were also greeted with a welcome package that included a jump drive with all the information I needed, a folder with all the activities for the weekend and a personalized welcome letter and special gifts for my children. The suite includes a flat screen television in the living room, kids room and adult room. The living room has a couch with a pull out bed which is extra sleeping space if you have more people. The 2 bedroom suites includes a kitchenette which includes a microwave, coffee maker and a mini refrigerator. Since we were on a budget I went to the nearest grocery store and purchased some snacks, juices and little microwaveable items to eat in between meals. The kids room included 2 twin beds and dresser drawers along with closet space for all their clothes and shoes. Our room had the most comfortable bed along with a desk space where I was able to set up my mobile office. Our suite was really nice and extra clean!
After settling down we took the kids downstairs to the Nick Mall to get a bite to eat at Antonios Pizza. In addition to pizza they also serve french fries, chicken, burgers and so much more. The prices were reasonable and the food was good. It was so convenient to walk downstairs instead of having to drive off the property to get something to eat. The mall also has another restaurant where the kids can enjoy breakfast with their favorite characters. Unfortunately, we didnt have a chance to experience that.
We also let the kids have a little fun at the Nick Arcade room where the kids can win tickets and cash them in for prizes. Next to the arcade room there is a computer station with multiple computers for the children to enjoy kid friendly apps. 
One of the best features of the resort is their world famous SLIME at the Lagoon Pool. Staff members prepare everyone to get slimed by singing and dancing and then they do a countdown.
Its so much fun! Watch the video clip below where I captured the slime action at night.

The next day we made plans to chill at Lagoon Pool before attending the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet and Greet. My husband took the kids to the Dora The Explorer and Diego Meet and Greet the night before because I was fast asleep in our comfy bed. By 9 am the pool area was starting to fill up but it was ok because Lagoon Pool is HUGE. And it was about 50 degrees in Orlando that weekend but the pool was heated which was a huge bonus.

Lagoon Pool
Our view was Amazing

Slime Area

Later on we attended the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Meet and Greet and watched a movie. The turtles made an appearance and the theater went wild. They also took pictures with all the children and we were able to purchase the photos afterwards. The smiles on all the kids were priceless.

Watch the video below.

 The Nickelodeon Suites Resort has a lot of amenities not only for children but for adults too. In the Nick Mall there is a bar where you can have a little adult time while the kids play in the arcade.

Every floor has its very own laundry room with numerous washer and dryers that I found very convenient because I absolutely hate traveling back home with dirty clothes. They also provide a gym on the ground floor! Other amenities include a kids spa, nightly shows, the 4-D experience and so much more.

Nickelodeon Suites Resort was so much more than I expected. There wasn’t one dull moment during our weekend and from morning till night my kids had smiles on their face. I invite you to experience the same fun that we had. On a scale from 1-10, I give them 11 stars because it is catered for families who wants to experience excitement but on a budget. We will definitely plan another trip to Nickelodeon Suites Resort this year. I want to thank the staff for making this an amazing trip for us from the initial planning to the moment we left.

Check out another video clip of Lagoon Pool as we were leaving (insert sad face)…

For more information and to book your next vacation visit www.nickhotel.com

Nickelodeon Suites Resort provided my family a character room at their media rate and did not provide any additional compensation. They did not require that I write this blog post, nor did they request it. I have written my honest opinion about how much I enjoyed their hotel and will be returning. All photos and video are the property of The Buzz Connect.

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  1. Thanks Beth. You should give it a try. I enjoy the other parks in Orlando but we're on a budget and Nick Hotel was right up my alley. The food was pretty good. We left the property only one time to explore Orlando but other than that we used the Nick money and enjoyed ourselves at the restaurants on the property. Plus I went to Walmart and stocked up the mini fridge because I know my kids like to eat!

  2. Great information! We visit Orlando quite a bit and have thought about staying here and this review helps! I'm sure all three of my boys would love it. How was the food in the restaurants outside of the food court? #TypeAParent 🙂

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