Oreo Introduces the New TRIPLE DOUBLE Stuffed Cookie

After months of rumors, speculation, and excitement, the most anticipated cookie on the planet has finally arrived.

The TRIPLE DOUBLE OREO cookie, which combines two layers of OREO creme, one chocolate and one original, with three layers of crunchy, chocolaty OREO cookies, is available in stores nationwide.

The new TRIPLE DOUBLE OREO cookie is another way in which OREO is creating fun new ways for people to enjoy the moment of childlike delight when twisting, licking and dunking an OREO cookie in milk.

To help launch the new cookie, the OREO Brand has enlisted the help of both OREO fans and Team DSRL, including Shaquille O’Neal, Eli Manning Venus Williams, Apolo Ohno and of course, Stufy, the DSRL mascot. New OREO Double Stuf Racing League TV advertising will begin airing in early September. DSRL veteran Shaquille O’Neal loves the challenge that the new cookie poses to his team, and wants to know if OREO fans are game.

The TRIPLE DOUBLEOREO cookie is available nationwide at grocery stores starting this week with a suggested retail price of $4.19 per package. One serving (1 cookie) is 100 calories and a total of 4.5g of fat.

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