Monster Products Introduces the Portable DJ

Being surrounded by professional disc jockeys and knowing how important it is to engage with your audience, this product will redefine DJing and Music Production. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Monster® GO-DJ™ enables DJs and Producers—amateur and pro—to perform, write, record, produce, remix and DJ anywhere they are.

The Monster® GO-DJ™ allows the DJ to step out from behind the console onto center stage, solo, and engage with the audience like never before. DJs can go to jam sessions with other DJs, whip out their Monster® GO-DJ™ and music, and just plug in. Eliminate the controller. Eliminate the laptop. Eliminate the turntables. Put them all in your pocket. The Monster® GO-DJ™ features dual touch-panel LCD screens, hardware knobs, a crossfader, and a line-in 1/8″ headphone jack that can be used with almost any audio source. The device, which has easy and advanced modes, has BPM auto sync capability, seven special effects, 24 default sample sounds, and a 16-beat step sequencer. The Monster® GO-DJ™’s three-band equalizer controls the high, mid, and low ranges; and users can toggle between the touchscreen, hardware knobs, and/or the hardware crossfader. The Monster® GO-DJ™ touchscreen user interface features turntables and musical pads so DJs and producers can scratch and loop music and create drum beats and samples from its hard drive, SD card or streamed from other devices. Its 16-Beat Routine Composer/Step Sequencer features a BPM controller, editable preset rhythmic patterns (4 pattern/sequencer), and user/custom rhythmic patterns (4 patterns/sequencer). The Monster® GO-DJ™ comes with 2GB of internal memory and available SD memory cards; users can always carry music with them. Capture performances on the internal recorder and share them. The Monster ® GO-DJ™ is exclusively available on for $599.95.

Check out the video below to see the Monster Go DJ in action!

SOURCE: Press Release

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