Event Buzz | Free STEM Activities for K-12 Students

Event Buzz | Free STEM Activities for K-12 Students

STEM Saturdays transforms community centers into “Incubators of Excellence” by engaging youth ages 7-16 through STEM activities on the weekends at no cost to participants and their families.

Date: April 20th, 2019

Time: 9AM – 12PM
Lunch Included!

Cost: FREE

Students will:

• Learn from medical professionals

• Build mechanical replicas of a lung


• Email educate@dibiadream.org to volunteer

• Arrive by 8:15 am

Location: Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex, 3000 NW 199th St. Miami Gardens, FL 33056

Dibia DREAM STEM Saturdays are monthly, city-wide, family-oriented, and community-based academic events where students and parents can attend and learn together. By transforming community centers into “Incubators of Excellence,” the goal is to engage and expose youth and their families to STEM-based activities.

Engaging youth through STEM as early as preschool is immensely important. Many children lack various skills at an early age which leads to their developmental issues later. Unlike many mainstream after-school programs, their flagship after-school program, DREAM Academy, offers a rigorous blend of athletic, academic, and STEM programming to drive students to academic success, promising careers, and healthy lives. The long-term impact is felt in disadvantaged communities where local students are afforded new opportunities and experiences that positively impact their lives. 

Community centers and parks are typically designed to be a place of congregation as well as a beacon of light to improve urban areas. Across Miami, many community centers are large buildings that go unused during the weekend. Community centers like the Samuel K. Johnson Center, located in Liberty City, can be found in the heart of communities ravished by gun violence. STEM Saturdays is a program to revitalize and bring purpose to severely under-utilized community centers like Samuel K. Johnson. The program bridges the digital divide while providing students a safe place to learn and gather during critical out of school weekend hours. 
Dibia DREAM’s focus is to help change the conversations at home. Too often, the environment at home is not conducive for healthy conversations around various educational topics. When students return home after STEM Saturdays with a handmade mechanical lung, electric car, or windmill, parents and/or guardians become curious about the STEM concept, their child has learned. From there, the students can explain in detail how their project works and how it was engineered. This drives home the message that all youth are innovators, creators, and can DREAM Big! 

For more information about programming visit www.dibiadream.org.

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