[Event Recap] The Vixen Workout- “Step Up All In” Edition

Last week I was invited to participate in the The Vixen Workout to promote the new movie “Step Up All In” which hit theaters on Friday, August 8, 2014.

“Step Up All In” is one of the most popular dance franchises in film history which takes competition to astonishing new heights in Step Up All In. Miami street dancer Sean Asa (Ryan Guzman) moves to Hollywood with visions of fame and fortune, only to discover the almost insurmountable odds of making it in the professional dance world. But when the new dance crew he forms with the beautiful and headstrong Andie West (Briana Evigan) reaches the final rounds of a high-stakes reality TV competition in glittering Las Vegas, he has a shot at finally making his dreams come true—if he can set aside old loyalties and long-time rivalries and just do what he loves most: dance.

As I walked into the studio and waited for the members to begin, I was a little nervous! I have a background in dancing…AS A KID but my thoughts were everywhere because I didnt know what to expect during a “Vixen Workout”. To my surprise there were women of all shapes and sizes who were busting their behinds with the choreography. Of course I had to get footage to share with you all but once I finished I jumped right in and joined the party. You totally forget about the fact that you’re working out because the dancing makes it sooo much fun. As a woman who works out at the gym, we tend to wear oversize shirts and sweat pants to hide our imperfections. But when you come to Vixen Workouts its a must that you put on a t-shirt, some leggings and wedge sneakers and it really makes you feel like a vixen in your own right. Check out some video of our session below…

After the 60 minute workout party, I had the chance to speak with the Twerkmander-in-Chief, Janet Jones on what inspired her to start Vixen Workouts, how she teamed up with the “Step Up All In” movie, and more. Check it out below…

Overall this experience was enjoyable. We all felt like we were in ‘Step Up All In” movie!  I really enjoyed myself so much that I will be signing up for Vixen Workout sessions.

To get more information on Vixen Workouts, locations, times, etc. visit www.vixenworkout.com

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