7 Tips for Surviving the 13th Annual “Best of the Best” Music Fest

7 Tips for Surviving the 13th Annual “Best of the Best” Music Fest

The Best of the Best (BOTB) Music Fest will be celebrating 13 years of being North America’s largest Caribbean concert. On Sunday, May 26, 2019, the Best of the Best concert will pay homage to 90’s Dancehall artists with headliners Shabba Ranks and Super Cat sharing the same stage for the FIRST time in the United States. BOTB organizers have pulled together a historical line-up paying tribute to the 90’s dancehall era at Bayfront Park Amphitheater, which is located at 301 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami, FL.

image courtesy of bestofthebestconcert.com

Being a regular attendee of Best of the Best, I’ve created the top 7 tips to help you survive that day:

1. Purchase tickets NOW!

  • General admission tickets are currently being sold for $59.00, VIP $150.00, VVIP $399.00. Prices are only valid until Wednesday, May 22, 2019. The easiest way to purchase tickets are online at www.bestofthebestconcert.com. Ticket outlets may have some tickets left for you to purchase as well. Please click HERE to see a list of outlets in Florida and New York.

2. Don’t forget your ID

  • You would think that walking with your photo ID should be second nature, but you’ll be surprised that people often forget their wallet at home or in the car. On the day of the event, acceptable forms of ID include government issued id photo id cards. Please do not think you will enter the park or be served alcohol with just your school id, birth certificate, expired id’s, voters registration card or photo copies of your ids. Remember, safety first.

3. Pack Lightly

  • You are not going on a seven day trip to Jamaica (wishful thinking). If you’re like me ladies, our handbags are packed with everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink. Well, the organizers have released an approved item list which includes:
    • Fanny Packs, small backpacks and purses
    • Sealed sunscreen lotion/spray
    • Sealed Packs of cigarettes
    • Non_professional cameras
    • Action cameras, like Go-Pro’s
    • Small foldable chairs and blankets
    • Earplugs
    • Flags…REPRESENT where you’re from but no hard poles
    • Wheelchairs

Prohibited items can be found on BOTB website by clicking here

4. Don’t forget your Charger(s)

  • Gates open at 2pm and the show continues until midnight, so obviously your phone will likely go dead. There is no guarantee that you’ll be able to locate a power outlet (take it from a girl who travels with an extension cord for moments like this). Now is the time to head to the store and purchase a good quality portable charger, or better yet, order one from Amazon which they now have one day shipping for Amazon Prime members. Here’s another tip, cell phones have a setting where you can put your phone in “Low Power Mode”. Utilize that setting in between performances at the concert so you can save on battery life.

5. Bring Cash

  • When was the last time you’ve heard that statement? It’s 2019 and people are swiping more. Although most vendors are up to the times of accepting credit or debit cards, it’s also better to have cash on hand. Being a frequent event attendee myself, I’ve had lots of experience with vendors not being able to accept cards due to having system failure. You want to be able to purchase products and especially food with ease so you can go back to enjoying the show. Remember, where there is a huge gathering at a public place, everyone is using the nearby cell phone towers and depending on your carrier, you may not be able to receive service in case a vendor accepts cash app, venmo, payal, etc.

6. Prepare for Traffic and Parking Lines

  • An advantage of being a Miami local is knowing how to maneuver throughout the city without having to drive on the busy highways. But nothing can really prepare you for Memorial Weekend traffic. Just remain calm while trying to get to Downtown Miami. There will be plenty of parking in Biscayne Blvd, the parking garage next to Bayside and even parking lots in nearby streets. If you dont want the aggravation of locating a parking space, Uber/Lyft, taxi cabs and public transportation is available for your convenience.

7. Research the Performing Artists

  • So now that we’ve covered all the logistics prior to you entering the park, it’s time to enjoy the 13th annual Best of the Best concert. Take a moment this week to research an artist on the lineup that you may not be too familiar with. All of the headlining artists have mega hits and anthems from the 90’s which brings forth an enjoyable recollection of the past when their songs are performed. These artists include; Shabba Ranks, Super Cat, Frisco Kid, General Degree, General B and Round Head. Other top heavyweights on the show include; Bushman, Jahmiel, Alkaline, Skinny Fabulous, Noah Powa, Vanessa Bling, Stylo G and Marzville.

“Best of the Best continues to be a feather in the cultural diversity cap of Miami and the South Florida region. The rich cultural backdrop of the Caribbean, Latin America, and other ingredients that make Miami the perfect destination for people to kick off their summer.”

So pack your Sunglasses, dress lightly and have lots of fun at the 13th Annual Best of the Best Music Fest! See you there.

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