7 Sizzling Tips to Save Money and Energy this Summer

Summer is officially here and with the heat comes a higher electric bill especially in Florida. As the days get longer and hotter, air conditioners need to run longer to keep things cool. In fact, A/C units can run up to twice as long in the summer as compared to cooler months, accounting for more than half of the electric bill.

According to Florida Power and Light Energy Expert, Tiffany Spence, “There is a seasonal difference in customer bills. Summer bills are always higher because we’re all using more electricity. Not only is the sun out in full force, but the kids are out of school and guests are coming to town. There is a lot of activity in our homes.” 

While Florida Power & Light customers already have typical bills that are the lowest in the state and 30 percent below the national average, there are easy ways to help make them even lower. So before firing up the fireworks this July 4th holiday, try these seven tips to help save energy and money:
  1. Go outside: Cook using an outdoor grill instead of the oven to keep the kitchen cool.
  2. Use smaller appliances: If cooking inside, do it with a toaster oven, microwave or crock pot. These smaller appliances use less energy than the oven and add less heat to the kitchen.
  3. Consider cold snacks: When it’s hot outside, a cold alternative such as sandwiches, vegetables or fruit make for delicious snacks without having to use the oven.
  4. Grab in bulk: Reduce the amount of cold air escaping from the fridge by opening the door once to get all necessary items.
  5. Fill it up: Run the dishwasher with a full load and use the air dry option, if available.
  6. Turn it off: When leaving to watch a parade or fireworks, remember to turn off lights and fans. Fans only keep people cool, not rooms, so if you’re not at home, there’s no reason to run them.
  7. Turn it up: Turn the thermostat up to 82 degrees or higher if you’re traveling for the long weekend. And remember to close window blinds and shades to block out the sun’s heat.

Visit FPL.com/easytosave to take FPL’s Online Home Energy Survey and use the Energy Dashboard to learn how to save up to $250 a year.

Source: FPL

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