Get Ready For Your Online Purchases To Be Taxed!

One of the many reasons why I love shopping on is because I find cheaper and better deals online compared to the retail stores. I also love that I dont have to pay sales tax on my items….until now.

Announced last week, as of May 1st, 2014 will charge sales tax on purchases made by Floridians. The 6 percent tax will be applied to all goods except groceries, medicines, vitamins and supplements.

Why you ask?

According to sales tax laws, since Amazon is planning on building warehouses in Hillsborough and Polk counties for processing and shipping orders, they have to collect sales tax. The warehouses , known as fulfillment centers, arent expected to start processing orders until the holiday season.

The good news is that these warehouses will employ thousands of temporary and permanent people. The fulfillment center in Ruskin will process small items, like books and cds. The warehouse in Lakeland, FL will handle larger items.

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