[PHOTO RECAP] My First Commercial with Bijoux Beauty Elements Hair

About 2 weeks ago I was scheduled to attend a press conference for Bijoux Beauty Elements Hair. I’m very familiar with this company because I use to purchase their hair extensions maybe twice a month before I went natural. So two days before the press conference I received a phone call from their marketing manager telling me that one of the models couldn’t make the commercial shoot and if I could step in!
Of course I was hesitant to say yes because I’m usually behind the scenes making things happen, not in front of a video camera! But I said yes anyway because this would be a new experience for not only me but for The Buzz Connect. 
I arrived at House of Dolls Beauty Salon in Miami Gardens, FL about 9am and my stylist Tiffany (fancy huh?), was ready for me. Since this commercial will be marketed in Jamaica (my roots), I portrayed a party girl who was getting her hair done so it was only right that she installed 1 1/2 bundles of 16 inch virgin Peruvian hair with yellow/blonde tips…the ombre look. Initially I was like NOOOO because I usually play it safe with all black hair but again I had to tell myself that I need to live a little. 
The entire process was quick and I was at ease UNTIL the folks from Bijoux, the camera men and star of the commercial, Dancehall Artist Stacious walked in. Once again my nerves were running wild and I felt the nervous sweat forming. But I had to have a pep talk with myself and I was ready for the cameras. 
The commercial shoot went great. I was also invited to the confessional couch to talk a little about the hair, which im in love with. With all the bleaching and coloring and heat that was applied to the hair there was no shedding at all. I still have the weave in my hair and still no shedding after I washed it, applied a rinse to the tips and flat ironed it. 
Thanks to the folks from Bijoux. I can’t wait to see the commercial!
Check out more photos below and visit http://www.bijouxhair.com/
Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this recap or for shooting the commercial. I did receive free extensions from Bijoux Beauty Elements

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