Review & Giveaway: POP CHIPS

So, to continue on about the great time I had at the Bliss Spa Media Event
that I blogged about earlier, click HERE, I met another incredible lady
from Pop Chips. I expressed that Pop Chips has been the best chips I’ve ever
tasted, and I’m not a chip eater. If you haven’t tried or even seen Pop Chips in
your local stores, you’ve been sleeping!!!
While I was enjoying the vibes, Sara introduced me to Sweet Potato Pop Chips.
I really wasnt interested in trying it because my favorite Pop Chips WERE
Sea Salt and Vinegar.
Sweet Potato is my new favorite flavor from Pop Chips and I don’t see myself
going back to any other flavor. Other flavors I’ve tried are Sour Cream and Onion,
Original and Barbeque. Those flavors taste’s so good but there is something
about the New Sweet Potato.
Now you must be thinking that snacking on chips is bad for your health. Well think again.
Pop Chips is all natural, which I’m a big fan of. They’re not fried or baked!!!
They start with wholesome potatoes, adding a little heat and pressure and
POP goes the Chip…and only 100 calories per bag!!!
Now for the Very GOOD PART

One of my lucky readers will receive a 6 month supply of Pop Chips.

Yes you’ve read it right!

All you have to do is follow directions in the box below and
one winner will be randomly chosen.

Good Luck and Happy Popping!

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Disclosure: I was provided a supply of Pop Chips to enjoy. All opinions are my own.

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