Eligible Taxpayers To Receive FREE Tax Preparation in 2012

Today, The Walmart Foundation and Leading Nonprofits launched the MyFreeTaxes Program.
The MyFreeTaxes program is expected to help return an estimated $1.75 billion in total tax refunds,
credits and tax preparation fee savings to eligible taxpayers this year.

For most taxpayers earning less than $57,000 per year, the Walmart Foundations $4.35 million
grant in support of the MyFreeTaxes program will support MyFreeTaxes.com, operated by
One Economy, which provides free online self-tax preparation and details on in-person
IRS-certified, tax prep assistance in 20 cities through MyFreeTaxes mobile vans.

To file online, review eligibility requirements and see the most current mobile van schedule, visit

In addition to the tax preparation services offered by the MyFreeTaxes program partners, taxpayers will also have access to eligibility information about the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) as well as SNAP and WIC benefits. Consumers can also calculate their EITC benefits via mobile device by visiting: http://bit.ly/mytaxbackapp

MyFreeTaxes.com connects to free online tax software powered by H&R Block At Home®

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