{VIDEO} Q&A with Kill Pink’s Founder, Jia

We’re sure that you’ve noticed the beaded bracelet CRAZE that has women, kids and even
men expressing their personal style through beads. 
From bright colors to diamond studded bracelets, it seems everyone we come in contact 
with has on these bracelets. 

Meet the Founder, Owner and Designer of Kill Pink. 
Jia, known to thousands as Miss Jia, is a celebrity entertainment blogger and 
web personality who started the Kill Pink brand in 2011. 
We’ve even witnessed through social networking sites how Kill Pink was an overnight success. 
Jia created a You-Tube video answering all your questions about the Kill Pink creation
and Kill Pink products. To view the video click HERE
Please visit KillPink.com to view products and to place orders. 
Follow Kill Pink on Twitter @shopkillpink 

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