Apply For Free or Reduced Lunch before the 1st Day of School

The 1st day of school for some states is approaching fast and you know what that means. The kids bring home stacks and stacks of paperwork for you to fill out and send back in. Among those “Please Sign and Send Back” is an application for Free or Reduced Lunch. If your household qualifies based on income, your child could receive free lunch. Instead of waiting for the 1st day of class you can fill out an application online and it only takes about 15 minutes or less.   

Apply For Lunch is an easy and convenient way for parents and guardians to submit applications for school meal benefits online. 
There is no fee for using the ApplyforLunch website to submit your application for benefits. This service is provided to you free of charge by your School District.
I used this service last year for my son and on the first day of school I received a confirmation letter from the school district. It was fast, safe and easy to use. 

2011-2012 USDA Income Eligibility Guidelines

Your child may qualify for free or reduced price meals if your household income falls within the limits on this chart.
Total Family Size Annually Monthly Twice per Month Every 2 Weeks Weekly
1 $20,147 $1,679 $840 $775 $388
2 $27,214 $2,268 $1,134 $1,047 $524
3 $34,281 $2,857 $1,429 $1,319 $660
4 $41,348 $3,446 $1,723 $1,591 $796
5 $48,415 $4,035 $2,018 $1,863 $932
6 $55,482 $4,624 $2,312 $2,134 $1,067
7 $62,549 $5,213 $2,607 $2,406 $1,203
8 $69,616 $5,802 $2,901 $2,678 $1,339
Each Addtl Person $7,067 $589 $295 $272 $136

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