Bath & Body Works Final Days of up to 90% off

YES i do admit that I was in Bath & Body works 3 weeks ago for their semi-annual sale. I cant help it, I LOVE THIS STORE. I was supposed to be grocery shopping when I saw the HUGE sign in Bath & Body Works window “LAST 3 DAYS OF UP TO 90% OFF”. I had to walk in and see what was left. Of course I was a little mad that the same lotions I purchased 3 weeks ago are now 90% off. This particular location had 2 bins for 75% off and 1 bin for 90% off. Below is pictures of the items I purchased. The sale ends January 17th.

All for only $13.82.
The bottle is the Irresistible Apple Fragrance mist.
Retails for $12.00 but I paid $3.00

The eyeshadow retail price is $10.50 but I only paid $1.05

The lip shines (my absolute FAVORITES) are normally $7.50 but
only paid $0.75 each!!!

The Poppy Pink Mint Tinted Lip Balm is normally priced at $7.50
but only paid $1.87 each!!!
It gives a pretty hint of pink on your lips and has peppermint oil.

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