2010 Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards

NEW YORK, March 26 — It is Official! Hip Hop legend and Rap icon Kurtis Blow to co-host the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Television Show in June 2010 in NYC! This will be the first broadcast of the HHHOF Awards show since airing in National and International Syndication, as well as on the BET Cable Network now owned by MTV/Viacom.

Often imitated, but never duplicated the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards is scheduled to make more announcements in the coming weeks (see enclosed schedule), including the 2010 HHHOF Inductee class that will be announced on Friday, April 2, 2010! It also marks the Kick-Off the Official HHHOF Social Networking website ‘HipHopHoF.TV’ and ‘Fan Promotional Campaign’! This will be followed by the HHHOF Inductees “Meet & Greet Media Event” scheduled for Friday May 14, 2010 in NYC!

The HHHOF Awards Show will feature a “Week of Activities” throughout New York City. They will include Community Outreach Events, a Forum, VIP Reception, Artists Showcases, Parties, and other Programs featuring Pioneers, Celebrities, Community, Industry, and New York City Leaders.

The week will culminate with the unveiling of the Manhattan Home of The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex that will bring in over 120 jobs, job training, local vendor contracts, community outreach programs, tours, and bring in an estimated $400 million per year in economic impact and tourism value to New York City!

Hall of Fame Executives are actively finalizing television airing rights with broadcasters and will make that announcement in late April 2010!

You can follow the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show, and the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum & Entertainment Complex at HipHopHoF.TV, Facebook.com/hiphophofmuseumcomplex, Myspace.com/hiphophof, or Twitter/hiphophof.

For more information on Ticket Sales, Artists Participation, Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities, or Media Inquiries, contact Hip Hop TV Networks and the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards representatives, Adrienne Smith or Darren Ashley at 917-418-7971 or leave a message at 212-330-8738. By email is hiphophof@gmail.com

Upcoming Dates of Activities

April 2010

HHHOF Inductees Announced Friday April 2, 2010 in NYC

Launch of Official Social Networking Site, HipHopHoF.TV

Kick-Off “Fan Membership Campaign” on HipHopHoF.TV

VIP Tickets go on Sale April 6, 2010 at HipHopHoF.TV and Ticketmaster

May 2010

HHHOF Inductee “Meet and Greet” Friday May 14, 2010 in NYC

“Fan Membership” and “TV-Print-Radio” Promotional Campaign

June 2010

HHHOF Week of Activities

HHHOF Museum & Entertainment Complex unveiled in NYC

HHHOF Awards Television Show

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